Happy Green Table

Sep 9, 2012 | Projects

When we moved into our house, our postage stamp sized laundry room was painted a mustard color which made it feel even more cramped.  I hated doing laundry in there!  On a whim I decided to paint it.  When your laundry room is as small as mine, you can paint it on a whim!  I painted it a blue/green color and loved it!  It now feels beachy and almost like I want to do laundry (almost…).  I also installed a new light fixture to replace the “boob” light that was in there.  This one is glass and airy.  I had a wood table next to the washer that the kids drew on when they were younger that was an eyesore, so today I painted it a green color.

It took me all day to do it but it was such a nice day that I didn’t mind spending almost all day outside.  It’s pretty easy to paint furniture, especially small pieces like this one.  First I wiped the entire table down with a dry cloth then I sanded the top with 600 grit sandpaper.  I bought white spray-on primer by Valspar from Lowe’s and painted the entire table with it.  I had just enough with one can.

ImageAfter letting that dry for about an hour in the sun, I gave it a light sand with 600 grit sandpaper then painted the first coat of my colored paint.  I used an apple green color by Valspar.  I sprayed on two coats and sanded in between coats with 600 grit sandpaper.  After that dried, I sanded again then sprayed on a clear coat in satin sheen again by Valspar.  One final sanding after the clear coat dried for a couple hours and I was done!

One piece of advice though that didn’t hit me until I was almost done:  When spaying the paint, it’s best NOT to do it in the grass because it seems like every time I sprayed, bugs flew into the paint kamikaze style intent on plastering themselves permanently to my table.  If I could do it over, I would’ve moved the whole operation to the driveway.  Also, another note: Shake the spray paint first, spray a little into the air to get the globs of paint loose in the sprayer, then spray onto the furniture.

With all that, here’s the final product:

ImageAnother pic:


I was trying to tie in the green from the basket on the shelf and I think I actually did it!  I love the table even though my kids said that they preferred the writing on top because it reminds them of when they were little.  I say I have boxes full of drawings on paper and I didn’t need one on my laundry room table!  Next order of business for the laundry room is to paint my sock basket (on the table) white and to hang pictures of the kids when they were little with messy faces.  I’ll update when that’s done.