Running Lists…

Jan 4, 2013 | Family Room, Living Room, Projects

So now that the family room is looking more presentable, some things still need to be done to complete the room:

The first few are all about lighting since the room desperately needs some.  For now there’s only  one skylight, why only one, I don’t know!  There’s also one window and a set of french doors that look out to the covered porch and because the porch backs up to woods, no light.  So here’s the list:

1.  Two skylights.  Although I like to DIY as much as possible since I have such a long list of items that I want done in the house, I’m not touching skylights!  I don’t do windows or skylights since if installed incorrectly, they could leak and if that happens if professionally installed, I can just call the installers out to fix it and any damage the leak caused.  The contractors that we’ve been using for 12 years (they are awesome!) already gave us a quote of $1,100 for both skylights.

2.  A couple extra tall windows with seats underneath on either side of the fireplace since it would be great to look out at the woods from the family room and also get more light in the room.  Again we’re going with a contractor on this one but this is more pricy at about $3,500, so we’re waiting.

3.  Recessed or pot lights since now we only have one floor lamp lighting the entire room at night.  I don’t know how to do recessed lighting and since it’s a fairly inexpensive project for a contractor to do, I’ll let them take care of this one.


4.  A new sectional couch!  Ours is 10 years old and has gone through 3 small kids and two dogs so it needs to be replaced.  I want something like this one from Crate and Barrel:


I like the clean lines on the couch and the fact that it can seat so many people.  I think family rooms should always be cozy and comfortable, so if at all possible, get a sectional rather than a straight couch.

5.  A storage ottoman to serve as our coffee table.  There’s hardly any storage in the family room so although I’d like a more traditional coffee table, a storage ottoman works better for our family and it’s also more comfortable for putting your feet up.  It also serves as extra seating in a pinch.  I haven’t found a good place to get a nice big storage ottoman so I’m still searching.

6.  A chair for the corner near the fireplace like this one but not this one.  I want something with arms and with a pattern that’s not as dark.  I do like the clean lines on this piece though.  This is from West Elm.


As far as furniture goes, these are some of the stores I hit:

1.  Crate and Barrel (they can be pricy but they do have sales)

2.  Ethan Allen (I only shop here for “fancy” furniture like furniture I’d put in my formal living room because EA is expensive.  BUT, the furniture is very well made so the cost is worth it.  However, for everyday furniture for our family room that I know will take a beating, I normally get inexpensive furniture since I’d rather replace inexpensive furniture when it gets kid grime and dog smell on it, than expensive furniture that I’d be more apt to keep around for longer even though it should get the boot!).

3.  Thomasville (more traditional and expensive so I stick with these pieces in seldom used parts of the house).

4.  West Elm (I like the modern lines of this furniture).

5.  Macy’s (Macy’s has surprisingly good furniture at reasonable prices).

6.  Ikea (I haven’t bought furniture from Ikea yet but I know people who have and they seem happy enough especially considering that Ikea’s prices are so cheap).

7.  Bassett

I know that there are tons more stores out there, but so far, I’ve always been able to find what I want from the above stores.  Does anyone buy furniture from other stores that should be on my list???