Pop Goes the Balloons!

Jan 17, 2013 | FUN!

In my last post, I explained how to get money in balloons filled with shaving cream and I mailed my own little goodie box to my nephew, Weston.  Well, I’m happy to report that he did get the balloons and that only one popped (not too bad).  I mailed them on a Thursday and he didn’t get them until Monday so they held up pretty well for 4 days at the post office and in transit.  I have to tell you though, I was nervous that they wouldn’t get there in one piece because, I don’t know about you, I imagine post office workers playing catch with the packages, shaking them vigorously while they take bets as to what’s inside, and then the packages being delivered via rickety truck to their destinations.  I know it’s a lot more high-tech and professional than that, but because I missed the “going to the post office” field trip in elementary school, that’s totally what I imagine.   I also imagined one of them popping in the box and everyone in the post office yelling, “COVER!” while a bomb squad is called out and my house is surrounded by FBI…  But, luckily, none of that happened and they got there safely, and I am writing this from the comfort of my house and not a jail cell.


My sister said that when Weston got the balloons, he was ecstatic about the idea that he had to POP them (WHAT!!!  I get to pop balloons!).  Take a look at his reaction for yourself:


[Spider_Video_Player id=”1″]


I think the funniest part of the video is my sister screaming every time Weston pops a balloon! 🙂


So, a few words of caution:  Tell the responsible adult opening the package with the kid to repeat, “This is shaving cream, not whipped cream.  Don’t eat it!”  Also, my sister told me that Weston also got a bit of shaving cream in his eyes so be careful about that or, better yet, send protective eye wear!


My other nephew’s birthday (Weston’s brother) is coming up in February, so I have to get cookin’ on something special for that little guy too!