Finding Diamonds in the Rough

Jan 18, 2013 | On the Cheap, Projects, Whole House

Every once in a while, I hit up thrift stores to see if I can find any “diamonds in the rough” that I can paint/clean/polish/repurpose to fit in my house.  Shopping in thrift stores is unpredictable because sometimes I get lucky and find a few things in one trip, and sometimes I can’t find anything good for months.  The payoff though is finding something that you would pay a lot for but, hotdog!, it’s sitting right in front of you for $9.99.  My favorite spot is good ole’ Salvation Army.  I’m lucky because the one where I live is huge and has generous furniture and home goods sections.  Honestly, most things are beaters that are beyond “salvation”, but there are some things that could be great if shown a little love.

Lately I haven’t struck gold, but when I went today, I did find some great things:




I like these chairs because the styling is good and the chairs were HEAVY, which means that they were made with good solid wood.  They could easily be painted any color you want or re-stained.




I thought this mirror would look nice painted a funky color (maybe coral or yellow) and hung above a dresser in a little girl’s room.  It would also look nice as a bathroom mirror if it was painted white or black.




I’ve decided (today) to start a milk glass collection after seeing this cute little plate.  And you can’t beat the price, $3.  After I hang it in my kitchen, I’ll be sure to post pictures.




I saw this and immediately thought of Oscar the Grouch!  It is a little Oscar the Grouch trashcan. 🙂 Honestly I didn’t know exactly what it was for, but I thought it would be great as a compost collector for beside the kitchen sink.


So that wraps up my trip to Salvation Army.  The only thing I got was the little milk glass plate but I love it!