Wrinkles and Ravens

Feb 4, 2013 | On the Cheap, Projects, Whole House

As a child I loved “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle and I must have read the book 20 times.  It was my favorite book and I would read it under my covers with a flashlight until late into the night .  Reading that book is one of my fondest childhood memories because it triggered my love of books.  So, when I saw the following pin on pinterest, I knew I wanted to celebrate my favorite book by ripping out the pages (gulp), punching heart holes in those ripped pages, and slapping the whole thing into a frame to add to our collage in the family room!  So here’s my pinterest inspiration:

pinterest book project

My Pinterest Inspiration

And here’s my version (with directions):


I started by gathering my supplies: the book, a heart hole punch, double stick tape, dimensional foam tape, colored paper (I used blue), scissors, poster paper, and a frame (I used an empty one that I had hanging in the collage in the family room).

I started by cutting the poster board to the size of the frame insert.  I used the piece of paper that comes with the frame as a template.


Then I ripped a few pages out of the book which I had to admit made my stomach lurch because I’ve never defamed a book before, especially my favorite childhood book!  But, I got through it and  started punching:


I tried to punch out a few pages at once to save some time.  I punched out random phrases for some of the hearts and I punched out chapter titles and the title of the book for some of the hearts.  I wanted the hearts to be in a staggered pattern with one row of hearts upright and the next upside down so for the upside down hearts, I made sure that the words were still upright by punching the hearts out on upside down pages.  Then I started spacing out the hearts.


For the initial arrangement, I made sure to pay attention to spacing but I wasn’t super concerned about how straight each heart was.


After I got the spacing right, I used a pencil to straighten each individual heart before sticking them on with tape.  It worked great because the eraser was able to lightly grab and straighten each piece of paper.


I used double stick tape to adhere the hearts except for the titles which I used foam dimensional tape so that the piece wouldn’t look so flat.  And the grand finale is:


See how some of the hearts pop out?  I put it on the wall of our collage:


Some of the other new additions are:



DSC_0031From a local artist

DSC_0032A temporary piece.  It’s a postcard I got from Etsy.

DSC_0034Also from a local artist.  It’s of downtown Baltimore…

And speaking of Baltimore… GO RAVENS CHAMPIONS!!!  I’m not normally big into football but the rest of my family is and I couldn’t help but get swept up in their excitement yesterday as the Ravens won the Superbowl.  My kids were ecstatic!


Here they are drinking grape RAVENS juice to celebrate.  The tall kid in the middle is Sergio, a family friend.  Trajan is on the left, Sofia is on the right, and Tuscan is crouched in the middle.  GO RAVENS!