Layered Window Treatment in the Living Room

Jun 14, 2013 | Living Room, On the Cheap, Projects

After a couple years of no privacy in the living room, I finally installed blinds.  No more dashing by the window in my PJs at night or feeling self-conscious that I was being “watched” while lying on the sofa to read at night.  Now I can just pull down the shades and viola, nekkid dancing in the living room time anytime I want… Just kidding :).   I don’t dance.

The reason why it took so long to install blinds is that I didn’t want to shell out another $6oo for blinds like we did in the office.  The office bay window is the same exact size as the living room window and I paid waaaaay too much for the office blinds at Home Depot.  Well, when I was shopping for blinds for Sofia’s room, I came across some at J.C. Penney that were exactly what I was looking for at an awesome price.


Here is what the living room window looked before the blinds:



 (Don’t mind the lack of curtain on the right.  The dry cleaners washed it in water instead of dry cleaning it, ruined it, and are paying for another.  I’m just waiting for it to come in.)


And here’s the after:







Yay, privacy!