Floors are Done (and now the work REALLY begins!)

Aug 9, 2013 | Office, Projects, Whole House

We had new floors installed in the office, dining and living rooms, powder room, and foyer and it looks fabulous!  I couldn’t be more happy with the way they turned out.  We installed wood floors in our family room a few months ago and although I LOVE the look, every time I saw a scratch, I’d cringe, and if the scratch was bad, I’d throw a fit!  Especially since those darn floors cost a boatload!  So, when I looked at flooring this time around, I only looked at laminate flooring and nothing else.  I didn’t even want to peek at hardwood for fear of caving in and going with my nemesis again.  Luckily the extreme price difference between hardwood and laminate made the decision easy for me.


To pick out the floors, I went to a showroom that sells only to wholesalers since I knew that’d have a big selection.  I looked until I found the one then headed to the internet to get the best deal.  I found it on efloors.com for $2.69 a square foot (which was half of what the showroom as selling at “wholesale”).  #shiesters!


I also got a good deal on installation.  We’d normally tackle something like this on our own, but my husband was projected-out, so we hired installers.  I got quotes from three installers ranging from $6,000 (ouch!) to $2,000 which included the installation of the floors and baseboards as well as ripping out the sink in the powder room.  I called the second best quote and asked if they wanted to beat the best quote and did that back and forth until one guy said, “Lady, that’s the lowest I can go.  I can’t beat that other guy’s price!”  The “other guy” won the job and they were awesome to work with.  If you’re in the central Maryland area, they are PriceCo Floors out of Laurel.  They knocked out the job in one day with three guys working for about 12 hours.


Office Renovation


So now, I just have to paint all the baseboards and put the rooms back together again… and let me tell you, it’s a lot slower than it sounds!  I’m at the baseboard painting stage and my poor forearm on my painting arm is SORE!

Painting baseboards

Tip: If you have long hair, put your hair in a bun.  I ALWAYS get paint in my hair otherwise!

Shoot me now!

Third day of painting…

It’s coming along though.  So far the office is almost put back together:


Da Front

DSC_0024 2

Da Back

Another couple more days of painting then I’m done!