Pedestal Sink in the Powder Room

Aug 26, 2013 | Powder Room, Projects

Sometimes I look at projects and think, “I can definitely do that!”  Sometimes it’s more like, “I’ll try it and hire contractors to bail me out if I need to.”  And sometimes I look at something and think, “Heck no, I’ll cause a lot more damage if I do it wrong than it’s worth!”  For me, installing a pedestal sink over our new floors fell into the third camp.  We just installed our new floors and the idea of a potential water leak (which in my mind was a long, sustained GUSH like in the cartoons) was too much for me to deal with so I hired it out.


I have a subscription to Angie’s List and used that to get a few quotes from plumbers and since I only called ones that were rated highly and they were all in the same ballpark, I just went with the one that gave me the earliest appointment.  So, our bathroom went from this:



To this:

Bathroom Sink

I still need to sand and paint the wall behind and on the sides of the sink.

Sink paint


And I need to install a shelf since we now have no storage in the bathroom after getting rid of the vanity.  A TP holder also needs to go up, then this bathroom is done for now.  For phase 3, I’d like to tile the wall halfway up with white/gray marble subway tile similar to this:

Carrara Tile

But for now, this bathroom is definitely presentable and even looks nice!