Fall Mantle

Sep 15, 2013 | Family Room, On the Cheap, Projects

It’s starting to turn cool here in Maryland which means that Fall decorating can commence!  I love decorating for Fall- the pumpkins, the gourds, the wreaths….  First on my list is always to decorate the mantle.  As in previous years, I headed to the farmer’s market to get some pumpkins and gourds -white pumpkins are my favorite to decorate with and I picked up two of those, two medium-sized bright orange pumpkins, and two light orange mini pumpkins and set out to arranging.  Before I show you the Fall arrangement, let’s say “so long” to the summer time mantle:

 Summer mantle

And “hello” the Fall mantle:

Fall Mantle

Left Side:

Fall Fireplace Left

Right Side:

Fall Fireplace right

Other than mixing in some pumpkins, I also stuck some sticks in the two brass colored pumpkins that I already had sitting on the mantle and viola!, from Summer to Fall.  I know that the art that I have in the middle of the mantel is very summery… but, I’m not changing that out mostly because I love the art and also because I have nothing to take its place!  Besides, I kind of like how the blues and the oranges look together with the brassy accents.  Almost like when I bought the art, I thought, “Hey, I”ll throw in some orange and it will totally work for Fall too!”  At least that’s what I’m telling myself. 🙂