Guest Bathroom: DONE!

Sep 18, 2013 | Powder Room, Projects

After way too long… I finally got around to spackling and painting the bathroom.  It’s so nice to see the room done, if only to know that I can move on to the next project!

Bathroom wide view


In addition to painting, I also installed a shelf above the toilet since now that we have a pedestal sink, there’s NO storage at all in there.  It’s so hard to add personality to a guest bathroom so it’s also a nice place to style some wood birds and air freshener, not to mention extra hand towels.



From Target

Bathroom Shelf detail 1



I’d like to add some simple artwork on one wall, and I went to Home Goods hoping to find some, but walked away with an accent chair for the living room instead (more on that when I get a side table, pillow, cuddle blanket, etc. for the chair).


One thing that I didn’t want to add but saw no choice was a toilet paper holder to hold extra rolls of TP.  I don’t know why I think those are so tacky looking, but I do, and since I couldn’t find one that was a closed container kind that I liked, I went all out on the tacky factor and got one where the TP rolls are exposed, GASP!  Oh well, at least I can see when I need to re-stock.


Bathroom TP holder


We love the dramatic blue walls with the white trim of the baseboards.  It looks muy elegante (said in Spanish)!  I’d love to also add the marble subway tile that I mentioned in an earlier post, but since this room looks so good especially compared to other rooms, it’s time to move on for now.  Next on the list is to tackle the worn out and ripped leather inserts on our office desk.  I don’t have a clue on how to replace those, so this next project should be a doozie!