Trajan’s Football Room

Jan 8, 2014 | Boys Room, Projects

My eleven year old son, Trajan, is such a sweet kid.  If I come back from the grocery store, he immediately helps me unload the car and put away the groceries without being asked.  If I’m even starting to get grumpy, he asks me what’s wrong and tries to kick me out of my bad mood.  When Butterball was hit by a car a month ago, he saw the whole thing, but wouldn’t tell anyone in the family what he saw because he didn’t want us to feel even sadder than we already felt.  He wanted to shelter us from that because that’s the kind of person he is.

In short, if anyone deserves to have a cool room to chill in, it’s this kid, especially with what he’s been through lately.  He wanted a lot of input in the room so I told him how to put together a Pinterest board and he gathered a bunch of ideas for his board so I had a clear idea of what he wanted.

His room started like this:

Trajan old

Trajan wanted a football themed room and we found the bedspread and football mural from PBTeen.  The bedspread was the jumping off point for the wall color.  I got about 6 samples from Benjamin Moore of mostly grays but also some blues and gave Trajan the choice.

I learned with decorating Sofia’s room that it’s best for them to come up with the “theme” of the room then to give them pre-approved (by me of course!) choices based on their “vision.”  At first Trajan wanted a different color on each wall- blue, red, orange, and black- and he wanted those colors to be NEON (except for the black, although that would be a neat trick!).  After I told him that his bedroom is supposed to be a place where he goes to relax and get away from the craziness of his family (except for me who he wants to hang out with 24/7 since I’m so cool), he agreed that having a more mellow wall color was best.  So, Trajan picked a nice medium gray tone for his walls and it looks great!

Trajan room view

I scored a side table from Target clearance and paid $15 for it.  It ties in so well with the locker platform bed which is also from PBTeen.

Ttrajan lamp

The lamp is from IKEA and that was one of the things that Trajan said had to stay.  I really wanted my childhood gum ball machine to stay so it did:

Trajan candy jar

Trajan dresser

We got rid of Trajan’s short dresser since it was falling apart and because of that, we needed storage so the bed we got is perfect.  It’s a platform storage bed with bins that resemble lockers that are tucked under the bed on three sides.  It provides a crazy amount of storage.

Trajan locker 2

Trajan picked out this rug also from PBTeen that is navy, and shaggy, and so BOY!

Trajan rug

And here is the wall mural that Trajan picked out:

Trajan football mural

There’s still some things that need to be done to the room for it to really be finished:

Fathead for wall near bed

Wire shelving for above bed

Paint door and window frame white (the paint is chipped currently)

Install a hanging egg chair near closet (this should be pretty involved since I have to add a brace to the ceiling for it to be super sturdy)

Stay tuned!