Mid-Century Dresser in Living Room

Mar 13, 2014 | Family Room, Home, Projects

Ever since re-decorating the living room, the media cabinet was always supposed to be temporary.  Thomas got his big honkin’ TV and we needed a media cabinet for under the TV and I couldn’t find ANYTHING that looked nice and was reasonably priced so we went with good old IKEA.  It actually wasn’t bad as a placeholder until I found something else, but I really didn’t like the fact that all the cubbies were open and exposed our clutter.  I want our clutter hidden, then I can pretend it doesn’t exist.  🙂

Unfortunately I only have one really bad picture of the media cabinet and here it is:

Family Room Redo

This picture was taken before we replaced the carpet with hardwoods, replaced the couch, got rid of those two tables, etc. but you can see that the cabinet was just cubbies.

I wanted something mid-century to replace the cabinet and found a few on Craigslist that I liked and decided on this one for a whopping $285.

Mid Century from Left


MidCentury Dresser with couch


The dresser’s not perfect… It is 50+ years old and I might refinish it down the road.

MId Century Legs


You can see a few nicks in the above picture, but unless you’re up close, they’re not (that) noticeable.

I’ve seen some people do a two-tone dresser turn media cabinet like these:

Walnut-white mid century dresser WD 2

<The Weathered Door>

3 tone vintageground.blogspot.com<Vintageground.blogspot.com>

Two tone royaledesignstudio.com<RoyalDesignStudio.com>

Because I have so much white in my family room as it is (and I like simple), I thought I’d keep the cabinet the same color but I might retrofit the cabinet so that it looks more like a media cabinet and less like a dresser, like this one:

media cabinet savvydesignwest.com


In the meantime, I’ve ordered a mirror for the wall that’s waiting to be hung and a lamp.  Next on the list is completing Trajan’s room which is almost done.