Trajan’s Room- Inches from GOAL!

Mar 26, 2014 | Boys Room, Projects

Trajan’s room is progressing.  As much as I’d like to say, “Stick a fork in it, it’s DONE!” I can’t because I’ve still got a few more things to knock off the to-do list.  I did cross off a few items on the list though, hence the “progress.”

Fathead for wall near bed

Wire shelving for above bed

Paint door and window frame white (still need to do)

Install a hanging chair near closet (still need to do)

Of course, I’ve saved the things that are the most time consuming for the end (can we say “procrastination?”).

Trajan's Room FinalThe fathead is up and of course Trajan wanted a Ravens player and who best to be up on your wall than Ray Lewis?  Although, I personally wouldn’t want to wake up with him yelling next to my head every morning, but that’s me.

Trajan also wanted a hat rack since he’s really into hats at the moment so I came up with this:

Trajan hat rackIt’s just a football sign that I found at Hobby Lobby for like $20 or so and I got the wood rack part from Target for about $15.  Put them next to each other and, viola, we’ve got a customized football hat rack.  It’s not fancy, but Trajan really likes it and it’s functional.

Lastly, since I have a PB credit card and spent way too much money on Trajan’s room at PBTeen, I got a rewards certificate that I spent on a wire rack for above Trajan’s bed (it was freeeeeee with my certificate, but it’s normally $100).  His bed doesn’t have a headboard but I wanted something other than more pictures/artwork and although he’s got plenty of storage in here now with his storage bed, more never hurts!

Trajan Book RackThe letter “T” has been in his room since he was a toddler so that had to stay.  I got that from PB Kids a while back.

Next on the list is putting up that hanging chair near his window and I have to make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold at least two wrestling boys without falling.  I got the chair from IKEA and am thinking of dying it red or green since it’s currently a whitish color because with two boys, it won’t stay white for long.  Hopefully I can get that done this weekend!

Ikea hanging chair