House Project List

May 2, 2014 | Whole House

All last night, I fought off a mystery gastro virus and got a whopping two hours of sleep.  Luckily, no one else in the family has it… yet.  Anyway, all that staring at the ceiling trying to hold down my dinner got me to thinking that I need a project list for the house to keep me more focused.  And because I still feel like someone took a whisk to my intestines 12 hours later (that’s a nice picture, huh 🙂 ), I figured now’s as good a time as any to bust out the list, so here we go:


Foyer Back

Foyer Little Table


  • Repaint the mirror at the back of the hallway from yellow to gold and hang above entryway table
  • Get artwork to hang at the back of the hall
  • Get lots of accessories to style the entryway table
  • Hang pictures going up the stairs
  • Install millwork?
  • Install a hanging pendant above the stairs since the ceiling goes up so high
  • Find a light fixture for the second light fixture in the foyer (the one behind our crystal beauty)
  • Paint ceiling white
  • Paint the back of the door black???


Office Wide

Leather Chair

Bar Cart

Not a thing, it’s done!

Powder Room:

Bathroom wide view

  • Get a print to put above the little glass shelf (already ordered!)
  • Tile up the wall with Carrera marble to make a half wall all around the room

Living Room:


  • Eventually get rid of the old wallpaper since it’s looking shabby in places
  • Install recessed lights
  • Paint ceiling white

Dining Room:

Dining Room

Dining Room Windows

  • Finally buy a dining room table and chairs!!! (that’s high up on the list!)
  • Eventually get rid of the old wallpaper since it’s looking shabby in places
  • Get some cool artwork to hang
  • Restain the buffet sitting in the garage and move that bad boy into the dining room where it belongs
  • Move the current buffet (which is actually a fish stand) to the covered porch or basement
  • Paint ceiling white
  • Get an area rug
  • Pick up the other curtain from the dry cleaner 🙂


Kitchen Wide Angle

  • Because we don’t know how long we’ll keep this house, we just planning on painting the existing cabinets that we have a white-ish color
  • Replace the rustic Italian back splash with something more modern
  • Replace the black oven and hood with a stainless steel one (those are  the only black appliances left)
  • Refit the “cleaning closet” next to the breakfast area with shelves so that it’s more functional
  • Replace blinds in breakfast area

Family Room:

Room Wide Angle

  • Paint the ceiling white
  • Expand the mural wall since our couch is so much wider now
  • Find a storage cocktail ottoman for in front of the couch
  • Get a new blind to replace the one on the left side of the TV (there just isn’t enough wall space for curtains unfortunately)
  • Get four baskets to go on the bottom two shelves of our bookshelf
  • Get a colorful throw for the chair and also some accessories for the gold and white box next to the chair


I told Thomas that this space was “his” so I’m not touching it!

Basement Bathroom:

Downstairs Bathroom

Downstairs shower

Everything needs to be done in here!

  • Rip out wallpaper and paint
  • Replace toilet
  • Replace vanity
  • Replace tile floor (I like the pattern of the tile but it’s a cream/almond color)
  • Replace the shower surround
  • Replace all fixtures

Master Bedroom:

Oh where to start…

  • Get a new mattress ASAP
  • Buy bedroom furniture to include an upholstered bed, side tables, and two dressers
  • Paint the walls
  • Find and hang cool art
  • Find and hang a mirror on the wall above the bed
  • Get rid of TV cabinet and tube TV and hang a flat screen
  • Make a small sitting area with two chairs and a little table in between
  • Get a storage bench for the foot of the bed
  • Get better storage for the walk in closet!

Master Bath:

Master Bath

Master Bath My portion

  • Paint the walls
  • Find and hang cool art
  • Minimize the greenhouse collection of plants!

Sofia’s Room:

Sofia's Room Wide Angle

Pennants 2

  • Paint top of her dresser with chalkboard paint since it’s got so many blemishes anyway

Trajan’s Room:

Trajan's Room Final

Trajan candy jar

  • Hang egg chair
  • Paint door and window frame semi-gloss white

Tuscan’s Room:


  • The little dude needs new bedroom furniture… his is falling apart!
  • Tuscan also needs to pick a theme for his room so that I can start decorating
  • Paint walls
  • Find and hang cool art
  • Minimize all his toys (or come up with a better storage solution)

Kids’ Bathroom:


  • Eventually replace the vanity
  • Eventually replace the mirror
  • Eventually replace the light fixture

Covered Porch:

  • Find and hang cool art
  • Donate old cabinet
  • Move buffet that’s currently in dining room to wall near door for more storage


  • Get a nice outdoor conversation area for the bottom level of the deck
  • Decorate with lots of potted flowers and plants


  • Install a fence!  After what happened to Butter, this needs to be done ASAP!
  • Mulch all the beds
  • Try to grow grass!
  • Build 2 compost bins (currently our compost is in open piles)
  • Rip out all the evergreens at back of property and replace with something more privacy inducing
  • Build window flower boxes for treehouse