Resetting our Brick Edging

May 6, 2014 | Outside

Since the weather was so nice outside this weekend, the kids and I worked in the yard.  I’m lucky that I have kids that aren’t afraid of hard work… Sofia complains sometimes, but she still does the job, eventually.

This weekend’s project was to take out all the edging along our walkway and build it up.

Crooked Edging

We have a real problem with flooding since we live downhill and because the edging has sunk so much into the ground, the water flows down the walkway and right over the edging into the mulch beds.  Then the mulch beds become saturated and a lot of the mulch flows out of the beds all over the walkway.  It happens every time it rains even moderately.  I am hoping that by raising the edging then when it rains, the river of mulch won’t be so heavy.  I still expect for it to happen to some extent.  To get rid of the problem altogether, we have to invest some major dollars for proper drainage… or move 🙂 .

So here is what the edging looked like before:

EdgingThe kids helped to pry out the edging with a crow bar since the edging was so deep in the dirt.

Trajan taking out edging

Edging buried

After all the edging was out, I built up the trough, tamped down the dirt with the flat edge of the crowbar, and measured the depth with a long screwdriver that I marked with a sharpie so that the depth was the same all along the trough.   I just measured from the bottom of the trough to the top of the brick walkway and made sure that the mark on my screwdriver was even with the walkway.

It took about 4 hours to do the entire walkway on both sides, but now it looks like:

Finished edging

proper edging beginning

We also installed flower troughs on the back upper deck… I installed and the kids planted and now it looks like this:

Tuscan helping


3 kids


Deck 2

Even the dogs helped hung out:

DogsI still have to plant our massive flower beds and will be taking a trip to the nursery this week.