New Light Fixtures for Upstairs Hallway

May 10, 2014 | Projects

I finally got rid of the god-awful ’80s bronze lights in the upstairs hallway.  I wanted something that was semi-flush… actually I wanted something that hung like a chandelier or pendant but since our ceilings are so low, semi-flush had to do.  I got two of these from Wayfair:


Funny story… I was grabbing the above picture for this post from the Wayfair website and saw that the lights are now cheaper than when I bought them a week ago!  So, I called the company and got almost $50 back for the lights.  They were super nice and fast about giving me a refund by the way.

Before I could install the lights though, I had to repaint the ceiling that I hired “painters” to paint about a year ago.  See the job they did for yourself:

The whole ceiling needed at least one more coat of paint.  Good thing I paid them by the hour and not for the whole job.

So here’s what the hall looked before the traaaaansformation:

Old light

And here’s after spending about 4 hours installing the lights that came with really crappy directions….

Light with bathroom


It looks so much more fresh and clean than before.

Fire DetectorI realize that it’s just a couple lights, but it’s a starting off point to get my butt in gear to pimp out the rest off the hallway with some art, maybe a table.  Not your idea of pimpin’?  Oh well, different strokes I guess.

I want to get some art to hide that hideous grate on the wall.  I’ll probably have to mount it creatively so that the grate still has air flow though.  The ideas are churning…  I also ordered a new WHITE smoke/CO2 alarm since the ones we have now are 25+ years old and just detect smoke and not also CO2.

I ordered the alarm from Amazon yesterday afternoon and it showed up at my door this morning!  Apparently Amazon is testing its new delivery drones in my neighborhood or they’ve hired Santa during his off-season. Either way, I’m installing this puppy today.