How to Not Kill Plants

May 12, 2014 | Outside, Projects

I actually don’t know the answer to that great mystery of how to not kill plants because every time I plant my flower beds in the Spring, I kill half of of the flowers guaranteed.  But, I still plant every year and hope, hope, HOPE, I won’t kill all my plants.  Every year a few remain so in a few years I’ll have a nice full flower bed…right???

Here is what the beds looked like before planting:

Before Front and Front Before front side Before Side Before front

There’s actually supposed to be A LOT more plants in there since I planted a butt load of perennials last year but I guess they didn’t take… again.  Oh well, I persist.  After my mad dash to the local nursery, dropping $400, and wasting $200 with my soon to be dead plants, I laid out the plants where I thought they should go:

Plant placement

Then I planted:
PlantedI spaced the plants a little further apart than I’d like to see initially only because I’m hoping that they’ll fill in as the summer passes.

Planted Side

In previous years, I went to either Home Depot or Lowe’s and bought my flowers there.  This year I went to a local nursery and talked to someone who knows what’s what about plants and after I explained my situation (I’m a plant killer), he recommended some hardy plants that were not only deer resistant and shade tolerant which I needed but also pretty idiot proof which I desperately needed.

He also recommended some deer spray that actually doesn’t smell like rancid cat urine.  It smells like mint instead 🙂 .  I sprayed it on EVERYTHING!  I followed the motto that if a little is good, a lot is even better.  With the amount that I applied, my flowers, house, street, and neighborhood should be deer free.

The kids and my husband are applying mulch for Mother’s Day (I love hard labor as a gift!) and they have 7 cubic yards of it, so yeah, they’ll be applying mulch for two days straight.