Hanging Egg Chair

May 15, 2014 | Boys Room

I finally hung Trajan’s IKEA egg chair in his room and he loves it!  And, I like how the gray and red tie into his room beautifully.


Egg ChairThe installation wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be, but I did have to make a Home Depot run to get the huge eye hooks for the ceiling and luckily I picked the right ones the first time (that doesn’t always happen!).

Egg Chair Hardware

I had to go into the attic to find out where the joist was to screw the eye hook into.  The attachment had to be really secure since I know Trajan isn’t going to be the most gentle in the thing.

After I measured where the joist was relative to the recessed light that was also in the attic, I just measured the same length from the recessed light in Trajan’s room to the point where the joist was supposed to be.  I then drilled a small hole in the drywall just in case I miscalculated.  I didn’t want to patch up a huge hole.  Thankfully, I hit the joist so I drilled a much bigger pilot hole and screwed the eye hook in.  I had to put a screwdriver in through the eye hook and use that as a lever to screw the hook in all the way since it was tough to do otherwise.

After I installed it, I tested it by hanging on it super gently at first then adding more weight until I could hang on it without my feet touching the floor.  I’m confident that if f it can hold me, it can hold my 11 year old!

Trajan helped me a lot by bringing me tools, steadying the ladder, and generally being my “gopher,” but for the last portion of the installation, he was downstairs taking his piano lesson and told me, “Don’t let anyone sit in it first, okay???”  I didn’t, even though I was tempted to sit in it first to give it a “dry run.”  I’d rather fall on my rear and fix it then for him to fall on his then think that his mom actually isn’t the best egg chair installer ever, but I resisted the temptation.

He ran upstairs after piano and immediately sat in it (and didn’t fall–> important!) and he had a big smile on his face.  That’s what I wanted to see!

Egg Chair Dresser

The only thing left to do in his room is to paint his window frame and door. That’s only about 2 hours worth of work, then his room is D.O.N.E.!