Quick Updates Over the Last Week

May 21, 2014 | Projects, Whole House

I’ve been looking for a full time job recently since working part time with my husband works in theory but no longer in reality anymore.  Some couples can work together, some can’t and we squarely fall into the latter category.  Too much togetherness can be a bad thing, like we sometimes want to kill each other.  So while I’m on the hunt, I’ve been crossing off as many house projects on my list as I can because I know that I won’t have nearly as much time later to get them done, especially since I’m now going from part time to full time employment.

So, every day I job hunt in the morning for a couple hours then hit the house project list.  Besides the projects that I posted last week, here are a few odds and ends that I’ve been working on:

I just replaced the light fixture in the laundry room hall about a month ago and didn’t like it at first but thought I’d live with it a while and maybe it’d grow on me.

Old LightWell it didn’t, so I replaced it with something that tied in with the breakfast area light better.  I just ordered the same light as the breakfast area except in a smaller sized flush mount version and I think it looks so much better.  I’ll put the replaced one in the basement since all the lights have to be replaced down there anyway.

Tuscan breakfast tableTuscan loves to photo bomb!!!

I also got rid o f the yellowed smoke detector and replaced it with a white smoke/COdetector that blends much more seamlessly with the white ceiling.  The yellow one stood out like a sore thumb and after spending all that time painting the ceiling and replacing the two light fixtures in the hall, I thought replacing the smoke detector just made sense.

Fire DetectorIt also makes me feel a bit safer to not have a 25 year old smoke detector that only detects smoke and not CO2.

New Hall Detector

And lastly, I finally matted and framed the print that I got from Etsy for my powder room.  The space definitely needed some color since it’s so neutral with all the white, brown, and blues.  Now, it’s a happier spot to uh, do your business 🙂 .


Print in BathroomI’m currently refinishing a table that I bought off of Craigslist and will be posting pics and a tutorial on that soon.