Tuscan’s Room Renovation- Progress

May 28, 2014 | Boys Room, Projects

Since getting the metal locker furniture from the model home clearance center, I had to come up with a plan quick to renovate Tuscan’s room.  I only like to have one, maybe two projects that I’m working on at the same time otherwise things fall to the wayside at home (dishes and laundry pile up, the dogs go hungry, the kids go hungry, etc…) and I was already working on the dining room and my bedroom when I stumbled across Tuscan’s furniture.  My garage can only hold so many projects-in-waiting so Tuscan’s room had to be a quick and dirty renovation.  Besides, I told myself that I can’t go to the clearance center again until I wipe one project off my list and Tuscan’s room is it!

Tuscan loves soccer and plays on a high level travel team, so he wanted his room to be sports themed with an emphasize on soccer.  He didn’t want it to be “too soccer” though since he might pick up another sport soon.  He’s got great coordination (he rode a 2 wheeled bike at three as well as frequently scaled to the top of a frighteningly tall lamp post outside our house at four), so whatever sport he tries, he’s good at- at least that’s how it’s been so far so I’m sure that more than just soccer is in his future.

He wanted a mural in his room like his brother and after looking at this inspiration photo, I decided to mount a mural on wood panels to give it some dimension:

We found just the mural he wanted at Great Big Canvas:

and blew it up to the biggest size they had (which was a little on the small side but still something I could work with).  So, with that as a starting off point (in addition to the metal locker furniture) we picked out a wall color for his room.  Tuscan really likes playing outside so I wanted something kind of light and outdoorsy in his room.  I thought that since his mural had lots of green in it, it’d be nice to have the wall color be a blue color since blue and green reminds me of a happy sunny day.  So we headed to Benjamin Moore, our go-to paint store, and after talking to the super helpful color specialists there, we picked out a few testers and painted them on the wall.

Paint Testers

That bottom green color is a tester for my dining room, please ignore 🙂

Tuscan wanted a baby blue color (the bigger swatch of color), but I knew that he’d regret that in a couple years when he thought it was too baby and I refused to repaint so soon.  So, I persuaded him to go with a medium tone blue in the same family.  Like a bonehead, I was tired of testing colors so I just picked a blue that was two shades darker than what he wanted and it was way too dark.  Because I got a full gallon and I’m a cheap@$$, instead of getting another gallon, I took out about a quarter of the paint and put it in a big Ziplock bag then mixed in white paint that I already had in the garage with the three quarters of the paint that was left.  I wanted to keep the “baggie” paint handy in case I accidentally went too dark, then I could just mix some of the original dark color in.

I mixed the blue and white until I thought I had the right shade then tested it on the wall and did this a few times until I had the right color.  By the end, both Tuscan and I loved the color!

Room with RugIt’s a really pretty blue-green in the Jamestown Blue family.

Jamestown Blue

And as usual, the scope of the project increased when I tried to fix the nail pops in the ceiling.

Nail Holes

Which I did, then I painted the otherwise perfect ceiling with ceiling paint that I had on hand and the shades of white did not match up so I had to paint the entire ceiling with two coats of Behr ceiling paint.  Seriously, it was a pain in the rear because I hate painting ceilings or more specifically, my neck and arms hate painting ceilings.  Also, if I had known that I would have to paint the entire ceiling, I would have done that first, then I would’ve painted the walls so that I didn’t get accidental drips of white paint on my newly painted walls that I had to re-touch.


Enough complaining… Now the ceiling is nice and white, the walls are a beautiful shade of blue, and I have to put the room back together to include:

  • Finding a rug
  • Getting and installing roman shades (curtains are too much in this small room)
  • Finding a solution for all of Tuscan’s books
  • Getting some soccer related accessories
  • Finding bedding
  • Finding a bed!
  • Remounting Tuscan’s red shelves

The room is coming along though.  As a comparison, here is Tuscan’s before room pic.:


And his after:

Room with Rug

Sparse I know, but we’re getting there!