Updates Over the Last Week

Jun 9, 2014 | Projects, Whole House

It’s been a busy week the past week with a yard sale on Saturday (that produced a whopping $37.50, let’s not talk about it), the last of the season soccer games, and getting curricula together for the kids’ summer of torture, I mean, homeschool.  I did finish Tuscan’s room finally that I’ll post about soon, but here are some other, smaller projects that I completed:

Foyer: I moved the yellow mirror that I had at the back of the foyer, painted it gold, and put it front and center so that it’s seen right when you walk in the front door.  I also got some “placeholder” stuff from Target for the entry table.  The red bowl is actually a ramekin from the kitchen section at Target and the wood box is a clearance item.  I also got a couple baskets from Target to go under the table for storage.  I’m not super excited with how the tabletop arrangement looks right now since it’s still too one-dimensional, but I’ll play around with it over the next few weeks.

Whole Table

Foyer Table

This is a sad before shot of the same table:

Foyer Little Table

and the mirror that used to be in the back of the foyer:
Foyer BackCovered porch:

Covered Porch BeforeI added some pillows and table top decorations, but there’s still a lot to do in here.

Covered Porch After

Covered Table SetI’m looking for an outdoor sectional on Craigslist to put up against the side and back of the room.  I also want to find a couple indoor trees (maybe something that produces some fruit, like lemons or figs?), and I want to put up some string lights on the ceiling for more ambiance (ooo la la!).

I’ve seen some really pretty white-washed wood covered porches that I’ve been contemplating changing my rustic covered porch into, but with the porch overlooking the woods, if I paint it white, I’ll lose the treehouse-in-the-air feel that I have going on now.  But here’s one I really like that if I had the nuts to change mine into, I would:

White Covered Porch

 (Country Living Magazine)

Flower Beds:

Garden Collage

I added a bunch more New Guinea Impatiens and also our neighbor who’s selling his house was throwing out a bunch of irises since his realtor told him that they had to go so, Thomas snatched those up right away.  Irises are his favorite garden flower.  He must have gotten at least 100 bulbs so those will look nice when they bloom next spring.

And that’s it for now!  I’m still working on the dining room and will post pictures of Tuscan’s completed room soon!