Tuscan’s Room- Done!

Jun 11, 2014 | Boys Room, Projects

I put the finishing touches on Tuscan’s room and for now, it’s done.  So, it’s gone from this:


To this:

Whole Room

He’s happy with his big kid room, and so am I!

I found this awesome star marquee at Home Goods for $80 that I put over Tuscan’s bed since he doesn’t have much of a headboard.

Star Marquee

He’s my little supa sta (said in the voice of Mary Katherine Gallagher), so I thought it was fitting that it should go in his room:

Star MarqueeI really liked the wooden crate that was supposed to just be packaging, so I mounted that first, then mounted the star on top of the box making sure to drill into studs as much as I could since I didn’t want it to crash on Tuscan’s head in the middle of the night.

Here it is all lit up!!!
Lit Up Marquee


Close Up Lit Up MarqueeAhhhhhhh….

BTW, I saw the same one at One Kings Lane for $110 more…  Shame on you, OKL!

I also got five RIBBA shelves from IKEA that were just the right depth.  Tuscan’s closet door opens into this wall so I needed something that was shallow and these shelves were perfect:

RibbaIt’s actually a picture ledge but for my purposes, it works great:

Wall Book Shelf

Wall Book Shelf and Closet

See, the closet door juuuuuust misses it.

When Tuscan and Trajan shared a room (which they did all their lives until we moved to this house), they had a “T” in their room that is really the only decorating item that I saved from their baby room.  The original one went above Trajan’s bed, but I found a similar one at Michael’s that I painted dark blue and put on his shelf.

Close Up T

The “22” is Tuscan’s soccer jersey number and I whittled it out of wood I cut down from the back yard.

Ha, just kidding, I found them at Michael’s.  I may be currently job seeking, but I haven’t taken up whittling yet…

Close Up 22

I also put up some roman shades from PBTeen:

PBTeen shadesFYI:  A few days after I placed the order, I got an email from PBTeen with a 15% off coupon code, so I called PBTeen and they did a price adjustment for me since it was within a 30 day window that I placed my order.  They’re really good about doing that.

Tuscan also got a new duvet cover and sham from Company Kids that they are no longer selling.  It was their cargo bedding.  PBTeen has something very similar if you’re on the hunt for that same look.

The rug is from RugsUSA that is going back to them ASAP!  It’s a nice looking rug, but so uncomfortable to walk on.  That teaches me to get a clearance rug from them…

Whole Room

The only other piece that I’m missing in his room is a PBTeen bean bag that is on backorder:


Other than eventually filling the second cubby with medals and mounting it above the one Tuscan already has, this room makeover is done!