Dining Room- A Work in Progress

Jun 20, 2014 | Dining Room, Mood Boards, Projects

We’re back to the dining room…  I was at Home Goods a few days ago when I spotted a rug that I loved!  I wanted to put it in the dining room, but it’s a bold rug and I didn’t think I had the nuts to do it.  So, I did what I’m always telling my kids, I put my “big girl pants on” and bought it (knowing full well that I could return it if my little experiment didn’t work…).

Here it is!

Rug Detail Rug

I know it’s bold, but I love it!  And, it was only $300…  I was looking at a similar one from West Elm that was much more expensive but also very pretty:
West Elm Rug

West Elm

The one that I got has a much higher pile which is more in line with what I want.  The look I’m going for in this room is cozy, eclectic, and comfortable.

Currently I’m having the hardest time finding affordable, comfortable dining room chairs.  I would love to get velvet ones from Restoration Hardware, but the particular ones that I want are about $420 a pop:

Restoration Hardware ChairI need 6 of them, so yeah, you do the math.  I’m a cheapa$$ and don’t want to spend that much!

I also want to find two “statement” chairs for the head and foot of the table like these, but a little more traditional:

D&T ChairDimples and Tangles

I like that these have a patten on the backs of the chairs, but not the front although I’d like something that is not rattan, maybe just a simple wingback chair.  I’ve been hunting on Craigslist for a couple of statement chairs but haven’t had any luck so far… only really, tired “swimming” eyes from all the scrolling through chairs that almost work, but not quite…

I also want to try my hand at custom millwork since, with the kids getting out of school, my job search is on hold and besides no summer is complete without power tools and lots of swearing.  Here’s the look that I’m going for:

Diamond WainscotingThis Old House

And the walls, to include the millwork, will be a nice dark blue green:

Dark Teal Walls

(Source Unknown)

For now, I’m on the hunt for chairs, then comes painting…