Formal Dining Room Chairs

Jul 8, 2014 | Dining Room, Projects

After looking for months for dining room chairs that were good looking, made well, and reasonably priced (the standard for all furniture in my house), I finally found chairs that fit the bill at Wayfair.

Chair Close Up

Here’s a pic from the front:

Chair Front

There were a bunch of places that I looked for chairs to include Target where I found these for $169 a pair:

Target Chairs


There were nice looking but they didn’t get the best reviews for quality.  I also really wanted something a little more formal, with some nailhead trim and more traditional lines.  These chairs are still a really good “budget” choice.

This one is from Pier 1 for $250:

Pier 1

Pier 1

I really like the nailhead trim, but I want tufting.  This chair is like a modern version of what I want.

This one is from Macy’s for $275:



I love this chair, but I didn’t love the price especially since I had seen others that were very similar for a better price.  To be fair though, I didn’t see these up close so for all I know the quality of these chairs could have justified the price.

This is the chair that is the big winner that I got from Wayfair for $139 a piece after coupons:

Wayfair Chair

It had everything I wanted- traditional lines, tufting, and nailhead trim.  The color was also exactly what I needed since I wanted something that was a bit darker than a typical beige.  My kids do homework at the dining room table, so darker is better.  When I got the chairs the color was definitely not like the picture as the reviewers said but more like a greige- it’s more gray than beige which was a happy surprise since it goes so much better with the rug that has a lot of gray in it.

And here’s how they look in their new home:

Whole Room Side

Whole Dining Room

Also as an FYI- These chairs were a monster to put together until I realized that the very first one I tackled had a defect.  The next five were a breeze to put together and took me a few minutes per chair.  When I called Wayfair about the defected chair, they promptly sent me two replacements (since they came in packs of two).  They told me that I could do whatever I wanted with the defective chair so after breaking out the glue, hammer, drill, scissors, and pliers, I fixed the defective chair.  I had to cut the bottom panel off the  chair so it looks perfect unless you get down on your back and look at the underside of the chair.  So, I now have 8 chairs for the price of 6.  I’ll take it!

Next on the list for this room is to install the wainscoting which I know will take a while especially since I’m still on the paper and pencil planning stages.  Then paint, then artwork, then curtains…

This is the paint that I’m thinking about using.  It’s called Ocean Abyss from Behr.  It’s part of their Marquee line that they say covers in one coat, and I can tell you that after painting a big swatch, it really does cover in one coat.  I was really surprised that it did especially considering that I got such a dark color.  This is one coat of coverage:

Ocean Abyss

As for curtain choices, the dry cleaners ruined the ones that I had hanging (they washed silk!), so I have to get new ones with the money that they gave me for replacement curtains.  FYI:  This is the second time that the same dry cleaner (ZIPS for those in Maryland) has washed my silk curtains and to get reimbursed was horrible.  I had to threatened to sue them both times before they bothered even calling me about the curtains and they only gave me a fraction of what I paid for them…

So with the pittance of money they gave me, I’ve been searching for curtains and I saw these that I really like on Etsy, but I think they might be too busy with the rug that I already have in the room:


Martha and Ash

They seem blue in the picture, but they’re actually a dark gray.

Any thoughts???  Yes to the curtains?  No, they’re too busy???