Something New and Something Old in the Dining Room

Sep 17, 2014 | Dining Room, Projects

After a late summer vacation to the Bahamas with the family:


We went to Atlantis for 4 days


Then we stayed at Black Point Caye for about a week


Where we snorkeled


Fed wild swimming pigs


Made new friends


Were silly


And sweet to each other 🙂

I’m finally turning my attention back to mi casa.

I bought an antique buffet a few months ago that was living in the garage until this weekend when we roped a friend with strong muscles into helping Thomas move it into the dining room.

Buffet Close Up


Buffet Leg

The buffet that was in the dining room was actually a fish stand that was a solid piece of furniture, especially for a fish stand, but the contemporary lines of the stand was not what I was looking for.  The dark brown color was too close to the table color, but the style was completely different from the table, or really anything else in the room, so the piece looked out of place in the room.   It was also too small for the space and had very limited storage capacity.

1whole dining room

See how the table sort of blends into the buffet…

I don’t like pieces to look too match-matchy especially in a small room (like our dining room) because matchy-matchy is boring and gives the room no character.  I like different wood toned furniture with the same vibe to pull off that eclectic look.  And I like that the orangish color of the buffet plays off the blue walls and that it is a better size for the space.  The fact that it has lots of storage room for piano books, art supplies, school books, etc. makes me LOVE this piece.

Right AngleI also bought some curtains that I’m still not 100% sold on…  I like the fact that the colors in the curtains are the same-ish as in the accent chairs and rug, but they *might* be too busy.  I’m living with them for a while to see if they’ll grow on me.  I’ve tried a few other curtain panels, but none of them look right, so these will do for now.  They’re from Pottery Barn, btw.

Wide Angle

After waiting for almost two months, the lights for the guest area are on the way, so installing those puppies are next on my list.