Getting Back into the Groove…

Dec 2, 2014 | Projects, Whole House

I’m in a decorating slump…  I don’t know if it’s because the house is finally starting to look like us and I’m getting lazy, or if I’ve just lost my groove, but the best way I know how to get that spark (or “obsession” as my husband calls it) is to list what still needs to be done in the house and ATTACK!, so here goes:

Family Room:

Paint ceiling (We had a contractor check out if we could install another skylight since we only have one and it looks odd, but there’s no room because of the beam placement.  The contractor had to punch a hole in the ceiling that he patched but now the ceiling is splotched so we have to paint.)

Paint window casing

Find new window treatment for our lone window in the room

Install recessed lighting


Total Remodel:  I wanted to paint the cabinets but the condition of the cabinets are so poor that saving up for new cabinets is a better way to go. Painting is a pain in the rear and the time it takes to paint beat up cabinets is not worth it.  This project might include expanding the kitchen into the laundry room and moving the laundry room to the basement or upstairs off of the master bedroom.

Reconfigure coat closet near the garage since every time we try to take stuff out of the closet, things fall on our heads!

Dining Room:

I am still on a curtain hunt.  The ones that I have up now I just don’t like.  I tried to let them grow on me and they just don’t work.

Install wainscoting

Living Room:

It’s looking a little tired in here, but I don’t want to mess with it for now although…

Recessed lighting would be nice down the road


Recessed lighting eventually


Ugh… so much!

New rug, artwork, replace the coral chair that I loved but I now find ill-suited for the space.

The kids’ rooms:


Master bedroom:

So much!  I’ll post a mood board for this soon because there’s so much that needs to be done in here that I really can’t list it all.


Build compost bins

Finish painting the deck (yes, that’s still not done…)

Put down more seed so that there’s more grass and less flower beds/woods

Get rid of current garden space and make a garden space in a more desirable location

Repair cracks in driveway

Install or move one more rain barrel near the garden site


Gut and remodel basement bathroom

Whole House:

Insulate/weatherproof (We had a home auditor come to our house a couple years ago who said that our house could be a lot more energy efficient.  He left me with a long list of things we could do to be more energy efficient and I need to knock off a few things on the list to include insulate the garage attic and house attic better.)

So there it is… My inspiring post to get me motivated again.  I’ve already ordered a couple lights for the foyer to replace the brass beauties we currently have.  I also have some supplies necessary to start the insulation project (which is going to be a bear but will save us so much money doing it ourselves!).  Updates soon… I hope!