Adding Board and Batten in the Dining Room

Dec 10, 2019 | Dining Room, Projects

Although the deck project is not quite done yet (I still have to stain the lower level of the deck), it is COLD here and even if I could bear it, the temperature can’t be lower than 40 degrees for the stain to cure properly. So, my projects are moving to inside the house until Spring when I can finish the deck.

I love the teal color in the dining room that I painted a few years ago and think that it really makes the artwork in the room pop. BUT, I’ve never liked the ivory wallpaper on the bottom half of the chair rail. It’s left over from the previous homeowner and the wallpaper is ripping in places and is rubbed off in other places. In short, it’s not in good condition and looks dated.

In the next couple weeks, I want to rip off the wallpaper and chair rail and install board and batten on the walls. Not only will it update the room, but I love tackling a new project and I haven’t installed B&B yet so I’ll be learning a new skill. I’ll also get a buy a nail gun, and I love buying new tools!

There’s no real woodwork in my house except for crown molding and the dining room seems like a good place to start installing some interesting wood features. After I add the B&B, I may repaint the walls a more neutral color but I haven’t decided on that yet. I just haven’t gotten tired of the teal, but because I’ll have to paint the walls after the wall treatment anyway, I will definitely try swatches of some other similar colors to see if one jumps out at me.