Getting New Black Garage Doors

May 29, 2020 | Garage

A couple months ago, when we were deciding to sell our house, my husband thought it would be a good idea to get new garage doors. I thought we could just paint the doors and call it a day. I knew it would be thousands of dollars, and with the other repairs that needed to be done to get the house in selling condition, I didn’t want to pay thousands for garage doors.

My husband further argued his point of replacing the doors by (accidentally) BACKING INTO ONE OF THE DOORS WITH HIS CAR. Well, if I wasn’t convinced before…

It looked worse from the inside…

So, after getting recommendations on NextDoor, and calling the requisite 3 contractors/door installers to give us quotes, we settled on a local company. They offered the same doors as the other companies but for a lot cheaper than the other guys. Sold! I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that yes, the cost would be high but it was in the thousand (singular) and not thousands (plural).

I went to my old mainstay- Pinterest- to look at some color options for houses with similar coloring as mine (pinkish brick) and style (colonial) and fell in love with black doors!

Pink Little Notebook
Carrington Creek
Young House Love

Just to be sure, I also got in the car and drove around my neighborhood to check out some black garage doors. There weren’t a lot of them, but the ones that I did find convinced me that black was the way to go

Because we have black shutters, a black front door, and black light fixtures, black garage doors seemed like a no brainer although I was worried that going from such a light colored door (beige) to a dark colored door would make the house look dark and uninviting. All doubts were lifted when the contractors finished to install the doors.

They took about a half a day to install and when they left, I couldn’t wait to go outside and either jump for joy that they looked good or curse myself then break out the paint and paintbrush to repaint. I was so happy to find that they look stately and as my mom would say, “rich” (she’s from Spain where everything is rica!).

We went with the standard issue black that was available from the company and luckily it matched nicely with the rest of the black accents that we have smattered across the house.

Although we decided to get window panels on the doors, they were a lot smaller than the ones we previously had which makes the garage a lot less light filled, so that’s a bummer. I found that companies offer smaller windows because glass costs more than metal, but it was still disappointing to find that it left the garage so dark. It just means that when I’m working in the garage, I have to open the doors to let the light in so it’s not a huge deal when it’s warm but come winter, I’ll just have to make do with less light. It’s worth it though with such good looking doors!

I thought about adding some hardware to the doors and even picked up a magnetic set of handles and fancy brackets from Lowe’s but decided against it. The windows provide enough interest without the distraction of more “stuff” on the doors.

We’ve since added a pergola to the top of the garage doors to reign in the hydrangea that was threatening to take over the front of the house (it’s super invasive but in a good way!). I’ll post something soon on how we built it, but in the meantime, I’ll leave you with this photo of my gorgeous black garage doors with the pergola.