10 Beautiful Hanging Light Fixtures

May 5, 2021 | Things I like, Whole House

The renovations at the new house are in full swing! At the same time, I’m also tackling renovations at the interim house and juggling work and volunteer activities, along with kid stuff. Whew! So, I’m busy to say the least but it’s a good, productive busy and to see the progress on the new house is totally worth it. Since this renovation started, I’ve been tracking the progress on Instagram, so if you want a blow by blow, follow along here.

Like I mentioned last week, we have a robust list of projects that we’d like to get done in the house. The contractors have started prepping the floors for the luxury vinyl tile and installing the recessed lights.

With the lights going in, I’ve had to make some decisions on what fixtures I want in the office, living room, dining room, and master bedroom. Looking at all the options that are out there is dizzying, but I’ve narrowed down a list of beautiful options for any space.



  1. Ellen DeGeneres Brianna 6 Light Chandelier: I love this chandelier in a dining room

2. Charm 1LT Pendant: Two or three of these would look beautiful over a kitchen island

3. Mid Century Aged Brass Four Light Pendant: I love this for a foyer

4. Hood Classic Pendant: I’m installing three of these over our dining table

5. Sea Gull Norman Pendant: This would look great over a chair in the corner of an office

6. Astrid Capiz Round Chandelier: This is perfect for a walk-in closet a la Chris Loves Julia, or over a dining room table

7. Winfield 25″ Six Light Chandelier: I love this chandelier for a master bedroom

8. Ren Pendant Light: This is a perfect foyer light

9. Bailey Chandelier in Aged Brass: This chandelier would look great in a living room with high ceilings or in a dining room

10. Yeon Globe Pendant: Two or three of these are perfect for above a dining room table, in a foyer, or above a kitchen island