Friday Round Up: DYI Demo’ing to Stay Under Budget

May 14, 2021 | Friday Round Up, Whole House


This week has been full of progress in the kitchen and with installing the new floors. With us expanding the kitchen in our Phase 2 renovations, we decided to remove walls so that the new floors could be installed now for the new footprint of the kitchen.

I’m taking down the walls myself to not bust my budget for our Phase 1 renovations. A contractor estimated that for him to have his crew take down the walls it would be a minimum of $3,200! It will be nice to pay less (hopefully A LOT less than that). When I started demolition, there were plenty of surprise water pipes, drain pipes, electrical wires, and even an HVAC vent so I’ll need to hire professionals to re-route all those components. But, even with having to hire someone to reroute those wires and pipes, I’m still saving a lot of money by doing the demo myself.


I’ve also made some decisions on lighting choices for the office. The top light will hang in the middle of the room and the bottom will go above the fireplace and will highlight a soon-to-be purchased piece of artwork (I’m currently on the hunt for it).

I’ll also be adding wainscoting to the office walls much like how I did with our last dining room. Even though I swore I’d never install wainscoting again, much like giving birth, the hard part is in the rearview mirror and I’m ready to give it another go because it just turned out so beautifully last time.

Dining Room

I’ve also made some decisions on which sconces I’ll be using in the dining room to replace the mismatched ones that are there currently.

And I’ve added the new sconces to my mood board.

All sources are in my Dining Room Plans Post


This week I also met with 2 invisible fence companies to get estimates for a fence to contain Billy. Even though we have a physical fence, that little sucker will dig underneath and run and run for hours. Both estimates came in at around $2,000 and PROMISED to keep Billy inside. I’ve picked one company and they’ll be installing the fence this upcoming week. So, soon, I won’t have to worry about going on Billy Hunts when I’m working on the house.

We also met with a solar panel company to give us an estimate on installing solar panels on our roof. Initially, they priced out the system for the front and back sides of the roof, but our roof is beautiful (it’s a synthetic slate roof), that I didn’t want panels on the front side. So, we’re deciding whether we want them on the back side. It’s a big decision because they are so pricey (around $30,000 for the system)! But, with having a heated pool and hot tub, it makes sense even if the initial cost hurts.

Next Week

Next week, I hope to have all the walls in the kitchen taken down and the pipes re-routed for the flooring contractor to install the floors in the newly expanded kitchen. Very quickly thereafter, I HAVE to paint the walls. The current colors will absolutely not go with the new floors and I can’t stare at clashing walls and floors for too long before going crazy!

And that’s the recap of this week… Hopefully next week will be just as productive!