Friday Roundup: The Stairs, More Lighting, and a New Assistant

Jun 25, 2021 | Friday Round Up, Whole House


With the balusters that were installed this week, we now have a working staircase. Woo Hoo!

That’s important because without the balusters, the stairs were open and unsafe. There was a wide gap between the stairs and the handrail that was just an accident waiting to happen. With the balusters installed, it’s now safe to use the staircase and so we can now move our things upstairs. 🙌

There are still minor items that need to be done for the stairs to be truly completed. Touchup painting, installing some trim around the base of treads, and finding a stair runner are at the top of the list. But none of those items are stopping us from moving in!

Music Room

Previously, the music room was painted the same muddy brown as the office.

I’m all for color in a room, even dark colors (case in point- our newly painted office).

But, because we already have a dark, heavy piano in the room and because the music room flows into the kitchen and hall, I painted the room the same as the rest of the main walls- Classic Gray cut by 50%. I think that the piano will really pop against the light colored walls and I can’t wait to put the room together!

Pendants in the Dining Room

The special order chandeliers that I ordered from Rejuvenation arrived last week. They are beautiful and timeless! My contractor installed them yesterday and they are even prettier installed! I wanted a chandelier that was more on the airy side since I didn’t want the view of the backyard obstructed too much and these fit the bill perfectly. The globes are big but transparent and the hardware holding up the globes is minimal.

I have them centered where the dining room table will be placed (which is backordered until October even though I ordered it in February(!)). The table is 13 feet long and I had the contractors space the two outer lights about 2 feet in from the ends of the table. I also really wanted to see at least one of them from the arched opening in the kitchen.

I sat in the room for a long time picturing how the room should come together before deciding on the placement on the lights. So, I’m hoping that with all my measuring and planning, the room comes together how I pictured it. 🤞


I’m still on the hunt for chandeliers to install in both the music room and the great room.

I really like this one from Hudson Valley for the great room and just need to measure it to make sure it’s big enough for the space. The one that we currently have is massive and although the style isn’t my taste, the size is spot on for such a big room. I want the chandelier to be minimalistic in its design but the scale has to be big to be of any consequence in the room.

I also really like lighting from Pottery Barn for the music room. I want something elegant and light and there are two at PB that I think would look great in the space.

Sander Staggered Glass Chandelier
Astrid Capiz Chandelier

Curtain Rods for the Office

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to install lucite curtain rods in the office, and I sill do but I’m going to try making them instead. The rods that I need are an irregular size so I couldn’t find any that were premade in the size I wanted (without paying an arm and a leg!). I also wanted the rods to be a bit thicker than were offered at most places. There’s also the added bonus of the process of making them being easy and less costly than premade ones. I’ll have a post on the process of making them after I’m done. I’m just waiting on some of the hardware to come in then it’s a go!

Next Week

I still have to paint the dining room, bonus room, and kitchen on the main level and hope to get that and the rest of the lighting decisions made this week. I really like the idea of a painting party but wonder if people do that anymore… Or if I could rope my friends into doing it!

I’ve also hired an assistant to help me (besides my daughter who now has a new job). With all the projects going on in the house and all the stuff that I have to do for work, my volunteer activities, kids, and just life in general, I’m overwhelmed so I’m happy that someone will start helping out next week. Relief is in sight!