Neutral Rug Roundup (Arhaus Ashton Rug)

Sep 8, 2021 | Family Room

I have been driving myself crazy trying to find the *perfect* rug for our great room. My rug picking abilities weren’t bolstered when I unrolled our dining room rug that I ordered months ago just to find that it was too small! And that it couldn’t be returned. Argh!

We ended up putting that rug in our bedroom and I love it there so much more than I would have in the dining room, so I guess it’s a lemons to lemonade situation. But, I didn’t want to make another similar mistake in the great room.

I wanted a rug that was neutral, well priced, dog friendly, BIG, and not too busy. We ended up finding a beautiful rug for our space but it wasn’t without some hardcore scouting.

This is our rug in a 10×14 size

Because I’ve looked at thousands (literally) of rugs trying to find the right one, I now consider myself an expert :)… And I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night so BAM!, definitely an expert. (If you don’t get that joke, here’s a link).

Neutral Rug Roundup

Below are the rugs that I saved as beautiful options across different price points. They’re all neutral and all priced well (depending on how much you want to spend, I suppose). I also sourced the rugs from mostly big box stores because I’m a firm believer in going to see the rug in person (if you can).

The options from Arhaus are a little more pricey but are higher quality and heavier. The rugs from West Elm and Pottery Barn are less pricey but still good options. The ones from Ruggable are the least pricey and very pet friendly!

  1. Arhaus: Arden Handknotted Rug
  2. Arhaus: Ashton Handwoven Rug
  3. Arhaus: Jackson Handwoven Rug (in Ivory) This is the rug that we used in our great room. Highly recommend!
  4. West Elm: Stone Tile Rug I used this rug in our last living room and LOVED it! It’s more subtle in person.
  5. West Elm: Lumini Rug
  6. West Elm: Faye Nursery Rug This is billed as a nursery rug and I have no idea why. It’s so beautiful and plush!
  7. Pottery Barn: Capitola Handtufted Wool Rug This rug was actually my first choice for the great room but they didn’t have the size I needed…
  8. Ruggable: Kamran Ivory Opal Rug I just ordered this one for our foyer
  9. Ruggable: Jonathan Adler Inkdrop Camel & Ivory Rug. I just ordered this rug for the music room since it’s a passthrough room and it gets a lot of traffic

So, there you have it! Nine rugs that I would buy (or have bought) and that I highly recommend. Are there any rugs that I’ve missed that you think need to be included? Let me know!