Friday Round Up: Solar Panels and Great Room Progress

Sep 10, 2021 | Friday Round Up

Solar Panels

It was a big day when the solar panel installers came to install the panels! Because we have a synthetic slate roof, the installation that should’ve taken one day was extended to three days, but they are up and they are beautiful! Not beautiful in the traditional sense, but beautiful in the “I’m saving money while saving the environment” sense. And in case you’ve ever wanted to see one up close (because I never had prior to last week), here it is:

Truth be told, they’re not super attractive installed which is why we opted to only have them on the backside of the house. But, we’re still going to receive a lot of savings and my inner environmentalist is shouting for joy! They’ll power not only the house, pool and hot tub, but also our 2 electric cars and I can’t wait for our electric bill to not be so high.

The only thing we’re waiting for is for the county to give their final approval before we can flip the switch on the new circuit box that was installed. That should be next week.🤞

Great Room

The great room is coming along! Because this room is central to the house, I wanted it to be a neutral, soothing space. Some of the other rooms that are more separate from the main living space is where I really wanted to play up color, but I felt in this space color needed to take a back seat especially since it is such a big room.

With one side being taken up by the fireplace, the other with windows, and another with the opening to the dining room, there’s really only one wall that I have to work with in which to place furniture and art.

That one wall is very long (about 20 feet) so I ordered 2 console tables from Arhaus to put side by side to make one giant console table.

Unfortunately, one of them came with a crack in it and the two marble table tops were very different colors from each other. So, Arhaus is sending me 2 new ones next week but in the meantime, I’ve styled the ones I have anyway.

By the way, the customer service at Arhaus was amazing so if you’re looking for a furniture company with beautiful, in-stock furniture (super rare now!), and great customer service, you can’t go wrong with Arhaus. (Especially the Arhaus Ashton Rug!)

I also looked high and low for a light, neutral rug and found one also from Arhaus. If you want to see my picks for other beautiful, neutral rug choices, I posted nine neutral options earlier this week.

This is the one that I ordered:

I also added pillows from Linen+Cloth and love that this Etsy shop offers pillows that are already curated meaning that they all coordinate. It made it a no-brainer to order a set of 4 knowing that all the colors and fabric styles would complement each other.

Now if only this guy would find another spot to sleep and stop smooshing my pillows! 😆

And last week, my husband, son, and a friend switched out the TV in this space for a bigger one. If you remember, the prior owners left us 9(!) TVs and the one in this room was a 55″. We replaced it with a 65″ that we had from our prior home and this has become THE spot to watch TV in the house. Also, as an aside, the number of Nerf gun bullets we found in the TV niche was amazing! 😂

I am still waiting on a mirror to lean against the console and am searching for a coffee table. The bookcase next the fireplace also needs to be replaced with something shorter and lighter. But, I’m really happy with the progress of this room so far. If you want to see a recent video of the entire great room, here ya go: Great Room Progress Video.

If you want to walk down memory lane and see what the great room used to look like, here’s the video: Great Room When We Moved In

If you want to find out where we got all the things in the great room, here’s a source list.

Well, there’s more progress to talk about but this post is getting to be so long! So, I’ll save the kitchen, dining room, and music room updates for next week. If you want you want real time updates though, follow me on instagram by clicking above or searching for @tealdresser. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 😘