Friday Round Up: Back to the Rental House

Sep 17, 2021 | Friday Round Up

This week, I was back at the rental house! I have a tenant moving in on October 1st and when I showed her the place this past week, it was with the caveat that some of the rooms that were half renovated would, of course, be done by the end of this month. So, I’m working overtime to make that happen and to fulfill the requirements necessary to pass my rental inspection which basically means I have to bury the townhouse in smoke detectors.

Rental Unit Powder Room

The space that needs the most attention in the rental unit is the powder room. I plan on writing a full post on this space since it truly was a low budget makeover with some unique challenges. But for now, I’ll leave you with a “before” and an “in-progress” photo:

In the in-progress photo, the paint is still wet and in fact, I am typing this post with dark green paint on my fingers so that is a super fresh shot! I have to clean up, hang a few bathroom fixtures, and accessorize before the room is completely done. More details next week!

Great Room Accessorizing

I had been looking for a console table to put behind the couch and I when I went to Home Sense this week to make some returns, I saw what I thought would be a perfect piece in the already SOLD section of the store. Cue ugly crying.

I though the arches would beautifully mimic the arches we have leading into the dining room and the wood tone was very similar to the Arhaus console tables that I got a couple weeks ago. I looked at the pickup tag and saw that it was supposed to have been picked up a few days ago so I talked to the store manager to see if it was still sold. Lucky for me, the woman who bought it called the store that morning to say she didn’t want it and it just hadn’t been put back out on the floor. SCORE!

So, I paid for it, had my son pick it up the next day in our van, put it behind the couch, styled it AND…

It was awful! With the simplicity of the console tables on the other wall (that you can glimpse in this photo), this console table was too busy and just not right. So… we’re returning it and I am very fine with leaving the back of the couch “exposed” for now. However, moral of the story, just because furniture looks good in the store and in your mind’s eye when virtually placed in your room, it really takes putting something in your space to KNOW if it’s a good fit. Moral of the story #2: If you see something you want marked as SOLD, ask a store employee to look into it, just in case. You may walk away with something awesome that will hopefully look amazing in your home!

And since we’re talking about things that didn’t work… I ordered a mirror from Home Depot to go on the left side of the Arhaus console tables and it just didn’t work. It was too small for such a blank wall.

Don’t get me wrong, the mirror is beautiful, priced really well, and is exactly what I was looking for except that it’s too small for the wall. Not the mirror’s fault! I’m going to keep it so that I can use it elsewhere because it is such a good piece. It comes in gold and black if you’re looking for a well priced mirror.

I’m actually thinking of putting in the foyer. The above little console table is temporary but picture a marble console table with a lamp, some family photos, some greenery, and this mirror. It would totally work!

Foyer Runner

The runner that I ordered from my local ProSource Floors came in this week and it’s perfect. So, this week wasn’t all a bust!

I still have to install it and planned on doing that this week, but it smells so strongly of new carpet that I’ve had to air it out since picking it up. It really stinks!

This is the true color

So expect a bunch of videos (and possibly cursing) next week on Instagram as I try to install a runner for the first time. Wish me luck!


The curtains that I had altered came back from the tailors. I hung them up and they look so good!

I chose an ivory curtain very much like the color of the fireplace and with the acrylic curtain rods that I DIYed, the ivory breaks up the darkness of the walls just the right amount. With the addition of the curtains, the office is the room that is most done, at least until I add built ins in Phase 2. But for now, I’m celebrating this little win of one room being done!

Solar Panels

We got the go-ahead from the county to turn on the breaker for the solar panel system so we are now making electricity from the sun! It was a lot more exciting than I thought it would be flipping that giant lever to turn on the system and it gives me warm feelings to know that we are little less of a burden on our earth. Cheesy, I know, but being green makes me feel good!

Next Week

The rental unit powder room is so close to being done and next week I’ll be able to check that off my list.

The runner will also be installed so that my poor dogs won’t slip and slide as they’re barreling down the stairs in the morning.

Our dining room table and sideboard will also arrive next week from Restoration Hardware and then I’ll pick out a rug. I want to have this room looking top notch for Thanksgiving since I’ll be hosting my out of town family.

Have a wonderful weekend!