Friday Round Up: Decorating for Fall, Dining Room Coming Together, ORC

Sep 26, 2021 | Friday Round Up

With temperatures starting to get cooler, I’ve been feeling the itch to decorate for Fall. Honestly, I thought I would skip it this year with still trying to unpack the few remaining boxes and get rooms feeling lived-in and settled, but I went to Home Depot for a random something, and the mums and pumpkins were calling my name, so I loaded up my cart!

I will certainly miss the warmer weather and all that our backyard has to offer with the pool, hot tub, and outdoor eating areas, but I can’t wait to see the leaves turn colors on our trees. I also am itching to use the outdoor fireplace for hanging out with friends and maybe cooking a few s’mores. So, I gave in and started on the Fall decorating train.

I started with buying a couple pumpkins at Home Depot, then a few more at the grocery store, and now I think I have a legit pumpkin buying addiction. I can’t pass up a good looking pumpkin without thinking, “Could I squeeze in that pumpkin? YES I CAN!” So, I think I’m up to 15 pumpkins. 🎃 😬

Then I realized that my doors needed some Fall love so I started searching for a good looking, not too kitschy, wreath. I’m very picky when it comes to wreaths, apparently, because I couldn’t find any that I like except for a few on Etsy.

I thought this was a nice one

But, I really didn’t have a lot of time to put in an order so instead I decided I’d just make one. Or two, actually, since we have double doors. I also thought I could make one for less than they were being sold online. I was totally wrong about that BTW… The supplies are pricey!

I used to make and sell wreaths as a teen to include weaving vines to make the actual wreath base. So I was happy to bust out my glue gun and zip ties. And, if I do say so myself, and I think I still got some leftover wreath making skills! I mean don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather still be able to stay up all night and look fresh as a daisy the next morning, but I’ll take the leftover wreath making skills…

After arranging the pumpkins, planting some mums, buying a couple pretty glass lanterns and hay bales, and putting the whole thing together, I settled on this.

So, I’m not promising that I won’t buy another pumpkin or two, but for now, the front portico is Fall-ified!

Dining Room Furniture

Our dining room furniture finally arrived! We ordered the table from Restoration Hardware in February (even before we closed on the house!). Because the room is so long and I wanted the ability to entertain a lot of guests, I bought a table that extends to 13 feet and seats 14 people.

The Cayden Table was the perfect fit!

The wood grain of the table is gorgeous and I love how it’s a little uneven and lived in. That means that if I scratch or dent the table top, which WILL happen!, I won’t freak out because it will most likely blend in.

Our sideboard also came from Restoration Hardware. It’s the French Contemporary Sideboard and I ordered the longest one they had because again, the dining room is huge.

It’s the perfect fit and the only thing left is to fill it with our entertaining dishes and to accessorize the top a bit more.

Also arriving in the distant future (June 2022!) are 4 more side chairs and I’m on the hunt for a head and foot chair with arms. I’d like for them to have a pattern and be big and bold! And preferably something I could get this year would be nice.

I’m also looking at dining room rugs and found some carpet samples that I really liked that can be made into an area rug. Unfortunately, the room is such an odd size that I couldn’t just buy a rug in a traditional size. I did try that and the rug I chose was way too short. I’d like to check out a few more carpet stores though to make sure that I exhaust all options before pulling the trigger on one.

Moving Accessories Around

A couple weeks ago, I bought a mirror from Home Depot for the great room console tables and it just didn’t work. It was too small. I talked all about the mirror in this post.

So, I moved it to the office and I LOVE it there! It’s just the right size for the space and it brings out the brass accents elsewhere throughout the room.

The office is dark and having this mirror at the back of room reflecting light off the front windows is perfect for making the room appear brighter.

Next Week

I planned on installing the stair runner this week, but it stinks so terribly that I wanted to give it extra time to air out. But it’s being installed this week, stink or no stink! I’ll just have to douse it with Febreze if it’s still unbearable.

I have two rugs arriving from Ruggable for the music room and the foyer. I’ve never ordered a Ruggable rug before so let’s see if I like it.

Also, the kitchen… Now that I’m pretty much finished with the townhouse, I’d like to finally paint the cabinets which will be a BIG job! Especially since I’ll be removing some of the upper cabinets to install open shelving.

Also, big announcement, I’ll also be participating in the One Room Challenge and will be redesigning my music room! Woo hoo! I’ve never participated before so I’m excited to do it this year. So, next week, I will be putting together ideas on what I want to do in that room. I’m thinking wallpaper, dark paneling, and artwork galore in that room. It should be a fun, challenging project!

Have a wonderful weekend!