Six Months In: Where We Started and How Far We’ve Come

Jan 8, 2022 | Foyer, Kitchen, Living Room, Music Room, Whole House

It’s been about six months since we moved into our home and I thought it a good time to see where we started from and what the house looks like now. Let’s take a look!


This space was one of the first ones that we renovated even before we moved in. We were replacing all the floors and logistically the stairs had to be done at the same time. It’s the first space you see when you walk in and we wanted it to really reflect our style so changes had to be made!


After (For more detail on how we renovated the stairs, check this out)


This was the first room that I, and not the contractors, really attacked since I wanted a beautiful space in which to work. I also found the best office inspiration sources, so it was easy to start on this room first.


This is the before photo (I had already started painting swatches and the lights were cut out, but you get the gist):

After (For more detail on how we renovated the office, check this out)

Music Room

This room is the latest one that I’ve touched and was a One Room Challenge project. Although I didn’t meet the ORC deadline (deadlines schmedlines!), I think the space has come pretty far from where we started.




Great Room

This is where we all hang out the most so it was really important to make this room as comfy as possible!

Before (this is the most “before” photo I could find…)



The kitchen saw a mini makeover in the last couple months. We have big plans for this space in 2022, but for now our little makeover is tiding us over.



Dining Room

The dining room is a big space in the house and we wanted to have lots of gatherings in here. It was feeling claustrophobic for such a big space so we lightened things up.



So, those were our big projects since we’ve moved into our new house. I’m in the process of planning our 2022 projects, so stay tuned!