Friday Round Up: The Introduction to Get Stuff Done Thursday!

Jan 14, 2022 | Dining Room, Friday Round Up, Music Room, Things I like

Music Room

Ever since the music room renovation, I’ve been waiting and waiting for art pieces to arrive that I ordered from Etsy so that I could hang them on my two gallery walls. And… dun dun dun… they’re finally here! Well, all but 2 pieces, but that didn’t stop me from hanging the ones that did make an appearance.

I have to add more pieces to each wall, but I’m slowing my roll on ordering art because I really want to get meaningful pieces. So, other than 2 more pieces that are still in transit, these gallery walls are done for now.

“Get Stuff Done” Thursday!

I’m not a big “resolution” person, but I do like to identify areas where I can improve and one that I’ve identified this year is being more proactive about getting things done instead of just letting them fester. I can tell you that I have a to-do list about a mile long and most of the things on my list are house related. I have to install storage in the garage, caulk drafty windows, touch up paint throughout the house, replace a bulb in the dining room, and on and on…

This year, I’ve decided that on Thursday, I’m going to take a half day or so to knock some of those off my list. So I created Get Stuff Done Thursday! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve invited my friends on Insta to join me so that we can cheer each other on and also to have some accountability. Yesterday was the first day of my little project and I ended up painting 7 door casings and frames on my upstairs level.

Getting that done felt so good! And now that I’ve blocked off a set time to do a task every week, it doesn’t feel like such a chore and I’m actually looking forward to next Thursday!

If you want to follow along, please do! The more the merrier!


For the longest time, I had a mirror just sitting on our foyer cabinet and I finally hung it this week. Click here for the tutorial.

Target has some great pieces by Studio McGee that were perfect for styling this cabinet. So, I went to town buying way too much knowing that I could return whatever I didn’t use and I styled the cabinet with neutral colored items. Oversized pieces are “in” right now and you can tell that Studio McGee has taken that to heart with their oversized vases and bowls.

Next week I plan to style this cabinet a few more ways just with Target items and I’ll write a quick post on that. Target items are so accessible and affordable and I love giving you all some new ideas so stop by the blog next week for that!


As I mentioned in my 2022 House Goals post, I love gardening! I am itching for spring to hurry up and come this year but in the meantime, I’ve been making flower arrangements from faux stems, grocery store flowers, and garden clippings to bring some springtime into our home.

Click here for a quick tutorial on how I made this inexpensive arrangment.

Stuff I Love!

Here are a few things I’m loving (and buying or bought):

This paintbrush is my GO-TO! Because I have so many rental properties and do almost all the painting myself, I have racked an impressive amount of hours behind a paintbrush. This one is the best!

This vase is perfect! It’s heavy, generously sized, and beautiful. It’s the one that stays on our dining table all the time and because of the neutral color, looks great as a stand alone piece or with flowers. It also looks so much better in person than in this photo! See the above photo for a more accurate photo.

I haven’t gotten this blanket yet, but the reviews are excellent and I love the colors!

Cozy Neutral Blanket

Have a great weekend!