Painting an Accent Wall in the Great Room

Jan 25, 2022 | Family Room, Things I like

After taking down all the holiday decorations a couple weeks ago, I realized that our great room was looking STARK! Because we get a lot of light in that room and the walls are practically white with neutral decor, there was not a lot of color. So, I painted an accent wall to warm things up a bit.

Black Iron by Benjamin Moore

Now, I really don’t like accent walls. I haven’t painted an accent wall in 15 years since our primary bedroom at the townhouse that we used in live in. But, because the wall that I wanted to paint was right next to the music room, painting this wall the same dark color as the music room made the great room cozier and also united the two rooms to make the overall house color scheme more cohesive. Remember, I like a cohesive house!

As an added bonus, the items that I used to style the console tables stand out more with a darker background. The items pop now!


Console tables: I have 2 of these console tables side by side to make one giant table.

Mirror: Mine is sold out but here is a lookalike.

Footed pedestals: I got mine from Rejuvenation, but they’ve since sold out so here are some similar ones, similar, similar.

White Gourd Vase: sold out but here is a similar one

Olive branches: These are the most realistic olive branches I’ve seen. I have 4 branches.

Lamp: I got these from Home Sense and they are sold out, but here are a few similar ones, similar, similar, similar,

Everlasting candles

Wood Beads: These are similar

Large and Small glass votive candle holders

Happy Shopping and remember, accent walls are your friend! Well, sometimes, in the right circumstances, and with proper lighting, and…