Friday Round Up: Hallway Makeover, Coat Closet, and PLANS! for our Bedroom

Feb 4, 2022 | Friday Round Up

I visited a friend today who had just moved into his house a couple months ago and he was embarrassed that he had unpacked boxes laying around. Really?! I STILL have boxes to unpack and areas to organize and we’ve been here almost 8 months! It’s definitely a process but whether a person is 2 months out or 8 months out from a move, you just have to have patience with the evolution. Things will find a home and the house will start to feel like you a little more each day. At least that’s what I’m telling myself when I look at rooms that still need some love!

Upstairs Hallway

One of those areas that needed attention was the upstairs hallway. Other than the stair renovation, I had painted all the doors black and really that was it as far as charm goes. So, not very charming!

So, this week I rectified that! On Monday, rugs arrived that I had ordered two (!) days before from Rugs USA so I got to work making the area more cozy.

The rugs that I chose are washable and lay very flat with no pile to them. If at all possible, we are only buying washable rugs. With three dogs (small dogs but still), I want to be able to throw the rugs in the wash whenever I feel like they need it. These rugs promise to be washable and also have the perfect color scheme that I was looking for.

After laying out the rugs, I looked around and saw one little corner where I could put a small cabinet. Lately, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate cabinets where I can store things and also use as a focal point to hang family photos on the wall above.

This small cabinet was in the kitchen not doing much of anything. We tore down some walls in the kitchen last summer in anticipation for a full remodel of the kitchen this summer. The little cabinet was just taking up space along that big expanse of blank wall in the kitchen. It’s so much more proportionally appropriate in this spot!

The black and white photos were ones that we had going up our stairwell in our last house and they found a perfect home here.

So, all in all, besides the cost of the rugs, this was a fairly low budget operation and makes such a difference!

Coat Closet

For Get Stuff Done Thursday, I decided to tackle my embarrassingly unorganized coat closet.

I wanted to just clean it out and organize it, but when I pulled everything out, I noticed that it had probably never been painted. There were scruffs and scratches on the paint and it just needed a good coat or two of paint. So, for like the 2,648th time in the last two weeks, I put on my big girl pants, donned my paint clothes, and got to painting.

I painted the closet the same as the foyer wall color mostly since I still had one gallon of it lying around unopened. I also spray painted the hanging rod and shelf bracket oil rubbed bronze and that also made a huge difference.

After minimizing a lot and organizing some, I had a nice clean closet that is ready for more stuff (but hopefully not too much because we definitely have enough stuff!).

Bedroom Plans

These last two weeks have been full of small projects that don’t take a lot of planning, time, or money… well… that’s about to change! *Cue husband’s groan*.

One of my 2022 goals is to remake our bedroom and I’ve been very busy trying to come up with ideas and mood boards to envision what I want the space to be. I know that I want some type of trim or woodwork on the walls but maybe on the ceiling too? Maybe shiplap and beams like this photo?

Or this one?

I was also thinking that it might be a good space to finally add some wallpaper like I’ve been dying to do somewhere in this house.

This weekend, I’m going to go onto Pinterest and Instagram for allllll… the inspiration. I hope to have a mood board ready to go next week to give me some direction. I’ll share as soon as I come up with a plan!

Things I Love!

These are all things that I’ve bought and loved or are buying this month.

This light has been the MVP of my pantry project and as it turns out, my coat closet project as well. Because I had no light by which to paint the coat closet, I took this light off of its magnetic strip in the pantry and used it as a light source and it worked great. It’s very bright!

As much as I like live flowers, I love mixing live flowers with faux flowers. It’s so much cheaper to do this in the long run even if the initial investment in faux flowers is not entirely cheap. At least not for faux flowers that don’t look fake. I’ve started looking for faux spring flowers and am ordering these.

Lastly, I recently finally put my faux fiddle leaf tree that I got from Pottery Barn years ago into a large basket. I added real moss on top of the basket to give it a more realistic look. It took me about 10 minutes to do and I wondered why I didn’t do it years ago because it now looks so nice! Like magazine nice! 😂

This is the tree that I have that Pottery Barn is still selling years later so you know it must be good!

That’s it for this week! I hope you have an amazing weekend!