Powder Room

Guest Bathroom: DONE!

After way too long... I finally got around to spackling and painting the bathroom.  It's so nice to see the room done, if only to know that I can move on to the next project!   In addition to painting, I also installed a shelf above the toilet since now that we...

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Pedestal Sink in the Powder Room

Sometimes I look at projects and think, "I can definitely do that!"  Sometimes it's more like, "I'll try it and hire contractors to bail me out if I need to."  And sometimes I look at something and think, "Heck no, I'll cause a lot more damage if I do it wrong than...

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Cheap Powder Room Makeover

A few posts ago, I talked about remodeling our old-ish house in a way that makes all the rooms livable and presentable before tackling the nit-picky details of each room.  In keeping with that theme, I slightly remodeled the powder room on the main level since it gave...

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I’m Sandra and I’ve renovated 7 houses over the last 20 years.  I’m an attorney by trade but home renovation is my real passion.  Thanks for following along as I renovate yet another space.  I hope you get some ideas and inspiration!