New Foyer Lights

I guess my last post (and looking at inspirational blogs) got my butt in gear because the next day after posting, I replaced the two lights in the foyer that were staring at me screaming, "Replace me!  I'm ugly!" and then took three weeks to post...  Sorry!   The...

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New Light Fixtures for Upstairs Hallway

I finally got rid of the god-awful '80s bronze lights in the upstairs hallway.  I wanted something that was semi-flush... actually I wanted something that hung like a chandelier or pendant but since our ceilings are so low, semi-flush had to do.  I got two of these...

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I’m Sandra and I’ve renovated 7 houses over the last 20 years.  I’m an attorney by trade but home renovation is my real passion.  Thanks for following along as I renovate yet another space.  I hope you get some ideas and inspiration!